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Young Parents Support

Barbara Sullivan: Health Visitor    


Shivaun Aveston: Midwife 


Jason Lockwood: Young Fathers Worker 


E-mail us: barbara.sullivan@connexionssuffolk.org.uk

This is for Mums and Dads!

This page is for all those young mums & dads out there who could do with a’little support or information in the challenging role as parents.

‘Let’s put this into perspective, there’s no such training for becoming a parent. Becoming a parent involves: you learning from your mistakes, listening to what others say and sometimes ignoring what is said and having to do things that you’ve never done before.

What we're trying to get across is that it’s the same for everybody, becoming a parent is the most intensive learning you’ll proberly ever do’
‘As both parents and people who work specifically with young parents ourselves, we can appreciate that each family has individual needs and we intend to support each of you as much as we can. For young parents, the support you receive early on as a parent can really determine what happens to your family and which direction your life takes.

When we speak of support, we don’t mean a whole load of health professional coming in and out of your place day in and day out. Support can come in all various ways, it could be support from your families, and friends who’ve had children or the occasional visit from the health visitor or call from the Young Dad’s worker to see what’s happening?

Should you want to talk to us or text us with an issue, then it ain’t a problem. If you want to send us an e-mail, you can do this and it will be totally anonymous. We’re happy to give advice on what to do, who to approach, who’s out there to help, whatever.

Remember that this page is designed for both mum’s & dad’s, your both just as important as one another and you may both or individually want a pointer in the right direction, advice or info know or again.

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