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No right or wrong.

Sexual health issues for young gay people are broadly no different to straight men and women. The same message of prevention of Sexually transmitted Infections applies. Always wearing a condom when having sex will reduce the risk of becoming infected. Click here for information on Sexually transmitted Infections.

Remember if you think you may have a condition or infection your sexual health is dependent on you seeking help from the services listed in the clinics section of this site.

What can affect gay people looking for help is fear of prejudice and ignorance. There's no right or wrong regarding sexuality. The argument of it not being 'natural' means nothing. It can be difficult for people to accept things they don't understand. It may even frighten them as they have their own latent gay feelings.

All clinics, doctors, school nurses and health professionals are duty bound and legally obliged to give the same level of help and support regardless of your sexual preference. DON'T let the fear of how friends, family and peers may react may prevent you for looking for help.


Imagine Sexuality as a paint chart, with black at one end and white at the other, if you think of black as ‘straight’ and white as ‘Gay’ there will be many different shades in between. Your sexuality will fit somewhere on that chart and wherever that is, it’s you and it’s OK.

It may take you some time to find out what your colour is, this is very common and nothing to be worried about.

Sexuality involves our relationships with ourselves, those around us and the society in which we live – wherever we see ourselves on that big paint chart called sexuality.

Some frequently asked questions

Am I Gay?

‘I’m very confused, just recently I’ve started to notice that I’m having feelings for my mates. I’ve had quite a few girlfriends but they have never lasted longer than a couple of weeks because I start to feel guilty that I’m leading the girl on. Am I Gay?

Many young people have feelings towards other people of the same sex, and wonder whether this means that they are Gay. For some these feelings can be very intense and disturbing. Some who are attracted to others of the same sex are gay and go on to have loving relationships with others of the same sex. But others who have gay feelings find that these change over time and become attracted to the opposite sex. Others are attracted to people of both sexes and have relationships with both.

Is being Gay a phase young people go through?

‘I thought, well, this is just the phase bit. Sooner or later I’m going to start finding women attractive. I never did. As I became more attracted to men, and I was still wasn’t attracted to women, I thought, shit, your Gay. It was really quite a shock when it hit me.’

Is it a phase we go through? For some people yes, and for others no. Some people do not have their first gay experience until they are well into adulthood. For others gay experiences may well be part of growing up. This is hardly surprising given that this a period of change in which young people find out who they are and what they want for themselves in adult life. Whatever your feelings, it is ok and perfectly normal, it is who you are!

Eventually all people who are gay realise that they are only attracted to members of the same sex and that this attraction is not going to go away and others who are straight realise that they are only attracted to members of the opposite sex, the same applies to those who are attracted to both sexes, whatever you feel is OK and perfectly normal.

What is Homophobia?

‘It was really difficult at school. Girls kept asking me if I was a gay because I had short hair and wore DMs. Rumours started spreading all over the school and within a couple of days it seemed everyone knew. From then on my life was a misery – I was constantly bullied.'

Homophobia is a fear of and/or hostility towards gay people. Homophobia is often expressed verbally and sometimes violently. Young people are often teased, insulted and bullied because they are gay or in many cases thought to be gay. Young people who are living with same sex couples can also become victims of homophobic bullying.

If you unsure of your sexuality and feel you need someone to talk to there are some local support organisations listed on the website. You can also email the YPSH website direct with you question, and someone will get back to you. This service is completely confidential.

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