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Candida - (Thrush)

What is it?

Thrush is caused by a yeast that normally lives in our bodies especially the mouth, gut and vagina. It usually causes no problems. It is not a Sexually transmitted infection.

How did I get it?

Sometimes conditions in the body change, which allows the yeast to multiply.

This can happen:

  • Whilst taking antibiotics.

  • If you have another infection.

  • If you use heavily perfumed bubble baths, shower gels and soaps.

  • When you wear nylon underwear and tight clothing.

  • During pregnancy.

  • When you have other medical conditions such as Diabetes.

What are the symptoms?


  • Itchy, soreness, redness around the vulval area.

  • A thick white discharge.

  • A swollen vulva.


  • Irritation, burning sensation and redness under the foreskin or on the tip of the penis.

  • Blotchy red patches on the tip of penis.

  • Sometimes swelling of the foreskin, which makes it difficult to pull back.

  • Occasionally pain while passing urine.

What will it do to me?

It may not cause any problems but for some people it can be sore and uncomfortable. Sometimes sex can be painful.

Where can I go?

GUM/Sexual Health Department, or a Doctor.

Can it be treated?

Yes, usually by creams or pessaries. If you have repeated Thrush Infections you should have a full Sexual Health screening at your local clinic.

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