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It's a bit shocking - the things you hear...

You get back home from school or a night out and you really start to worry about a comment, what someone reckons they've been up to or something your boyfriend or girlfriend has asked. Chances are it'll be nothing you need to worry about. But you want to be sure. There are some common questions and rumours below. Have a look and let us know of anymore - and don't forget you can always ask us a question from the your say page.

Remember - no one can pressure you into having sex. There's nothing wrong or unusual about abstaining (not having sex)!

Things you may have heard...

You can't get pregnant the first time that you have sex. WRONG - It happens a lot

You can't have sex during a period. WRONG - You can

You can't get pregnant when you are having a period. WRONG - You can

You have to sleep around to get a Sexually transmitted infection. WRONG - It only takes one partner

You can catch Infections from a toilet seat. WRONG - You can't

Washing after sex stops you getting pregnant or getting an infection. WRONG

Oral sex is completely safe. WRONG - There are risks you can get a Sexually transmitted infection.

It won't happen to me. WRONG - It could, it can and it might.

Things you may be worried about...

SIZE OF PENIS: There is a range of sizes; all of which are normal and size doesn't affect the way it works.

CIRCUMCISION: Is an operation to remove the foreskin. It is done for medical reasons, such as difficulty passing urine, recurrent Infections, etc. In some cultures it is carried out for religious reasons. Circumcision doesn't affect performance.

SEX & THE LAW: It is still illegal in England to have sex under the age of 16 for both boys and girls.

STARTING PERIODS: Periods can start at any age, but most often between the ages of 9-16. If you are worried about anything regarding your periods talk to your mum, older sister, practice nurse, school nurse, Doctor, etc.

CERVICAL SMEAR: This is a test to check that the cells on the cervix (neck of the womb) are healthy. Any changes can be picked up and treated long before cancer could develop. You will not be asked to have a cervical smear until you are 20.

IS SEX PAINFUL? The first time you have sex you may experience some discomfort. This may be due to the fact that you are tense, or nervous. Sex should not be painful, but if you experience a lot of pain, go and get a check up.

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