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Keeping it Confidential

At YPSH, we are committed to protecting your privacy when handling any personal information. Subject to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, we will treat any information we obtain about you arising from your use of the YPSH website as confidential.

Questions that you send in are distributed to a panel of sexual health experts BUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS REMOVED AND REMAINS CONFIDENTIAL. When you request advice and/or information using the email links, we store the information you provide and use it solely to respond to your request. We do not share that information with anyone outside of YPSH.

If you send us information, or ask a question, that we think will be useful on the sight we may use it but will not include your details. This is to help other people with similar questions or issues.

Use by you of the YPSH website means you accept this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy only extends to the YPSH Website and does not extend to your use of, provision to and collection of any data on any website to which you may link to by using the hypertext links within the YPSH website.

Our servers log pages visited. This is purely as a tool to see which sections are being used generally in order for us to find out which sections are more popular. This information is not distributed but may be used to develop the site to make it more useful for you and others.

We may edit this Privacy Policy from time to time.

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