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Please note that YPSH is not responsible for the information in these selected sites.

Sexual Health of Young People. Brilliant site! Lots of information on sexual health with video interviews with young people, audio clips and all the questions you ask about sex and sexual health.

Confused about sex and sexuality? Not sure if you're straigh, gay or bi? Visit Outreach for non-judgemental help, support or just a listening ear!

A site with with lots of info, advice and contact numbers for sex advice.

Find you nearest clinic just by putting in your postcode - brilliant! Plus loads of frank info on sexual health.

Pregnancy and abortion advice

For young people aged 12 - 20 who have been affected by someone's else's drinking, usually that of a parent. Alateen provides understanding and support, which helps them to improve lives and recognise that they are no
longer alone and learn about alcoholism as a "family illness".

Loads of information on sexual health, teenage pregnancy amd related issues.

Information on relationships, sexual health and even a quiz.

The main site with with lots of info, advice and contact numbers for sex advice.

The No46 drop in centre offers all sorts of free entertainment and advice. There's a visiting Outreach clinic on Mondays. Click on the link to see their site for more info.

A well illustrated site with lots of information.


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